Sound-Intimidating Systems that repel marine life


Metallic sounds to prevent fish from escaping the nets



Intimidating Sound


Make a Good Catch and have a safe Voyage!


Significant Effect on Tuna and Bonito Fishing off the coast of Sanriku!

Research teams from various fishery universities indicated that fish have five senses together with lateral line sensitivity.

Most of the domestic/international purse seiners still use iron pipes to hit the side of the ship to prevent fish from escaping the nets. However, it is unlikely that this sound penetrates deep water.

Garinko Star is our new product using a sound-intimidating system that stimulates ethe awareness of soundf and elateral line sensitivityf of the fish.

As a result of many trial experiments on a purse seiner (135 tons) for six months with the support and advice of the skipper and crew, Garinko Star has received generous endorsement in its use for tuna and bonito fishing off the coast of Sanriku.



Our gGarinko Starh works especially well using our Light-intimidating system,

gPurse Sein Plash


Main Users @Purse Seiners
Power Input @220V x 3face
Power Output @90W
Speed of Revolution @500`1,250rpm/sec.
Adjustment of Speed of Revolution @Remote Controlled Device changing the intensity of the sound.
Dimension @650mm height, 220mm width (tubular part : 500mm height, 165mm width)
Material @Stainless steel
Cabling @Captire (for use with Garinko star only) 5.5sq X 4c 100m


@19 kilograms (excluding cable)