Portable Marker Buoy Light


Continuous Xenon flashing light shows the precise position of the marker buoy even in rough seas and stormy weather!!




  • Over 6,000 of both domestic and international tuna fishing vessels, including training vessels for fishery high schools, and ground/channel marks have experience with our Hi-V24.
  • Our unique continuous flashing light makes it easier to find the position of the buoy and steer vessels in stormy weather.
  • Depending on the weather, the lighting period can be set at three different intervals, from one second to three seconds (Suspended operation is fixed for three seconds.)
  • Surface Sensor Switch will automatically work eonf when under the water and eofff when out of water.
  • Hi-V24 is specially manufactured using an aluminization process which makes it six times more durable than the more standard galvanization.
  • As other more portable and lightweight buoy products have been more popular, we discontinued production of Hi-V24. However, as many of our customers indicated that they wished to continue using it, we restarted production in order to meet their demand.


@Switch Power Source@ @Surface Liquid Sensor Switch (switch gonh when under the water and switch goffh when out of the water)
@Power source @Exclusive Dry-Packed Battery (YA-48-BT) ~ 1pce
@Lighting Period Interval @Continuous flashing light (from 1 second to 3 seconds/ pause for three seconds)
@Dimensions @1,430mm height x 390mm width
@Distance of visibility  @Approximately 6 kilometers (on moonless nights of good weather)
@Weight  @14 kilograms including Battery




@Illustration of the Hi-V24

@Head parts (YPP-00-X)

@@@EBuilt-in CDS

@Tank Cover (YA-23-TC)

@@@EBuilt-in Sensor Switch
@@@EThree different lighting times from 1 second to three seconds
@@@EPause for three seconds (fixed)

@Battery (YA-48-BT)