Revolutionary supporting device for Purse Seining

MODEL YC-200A/200B
Basic components of this system are high quality strobe flash light and foaming fluorescent dyestuff and this combination generates luminous screen by diffused reflection. @( Patent No.2907817 Japan )
YC-200A ( DC TYPE )
YC-200B-SS ( AC TYPE )

When purse seining, plenty of fish easily escape through opened space between both ends of the net while winding up tow/purse lines after surrounding a shoal of fish.
(refer to the following figure left)
The Fish Intimidation System serves as unique and very practical means to solve that problem.
The basic components of the system are a high quality strobe flash light and foaming fluorescent dyestuff.
Throw the YC-200A main unit and foaming fluorescent dyestuff into the opened space between both ends of the net and/or bottom of the net while winding up tow/purse lines at a timely manner, then strobe flash light and dyestuff generates huge green luminous
screen. The screen scares fishes, and fishes remain in the net, and hence almost all fishes can be caught. (refer to the following figure right)


@How to protect?

Fishes escape before winding up the net!   Now able to catch all fishes using Fish Intimidation System!!

There are 2 types of Main unit, AC type and DC type.
AC type is suitable to use at mother ship, and DC type is suitable to use at skiff ( as mother ship has AC power source, and skiff does not have.)

Besides the above mentioned usage ( for purse seiner ), there are many other applications such as.
E Prevent from incursion of other animals into fixed net ( gill net, fixed shore net, crawl, etc.)
E Control and lead the movement of school of fish at drive fishing.
E Prevent from approaching ferocious sea animals such as killer whale, stellerfs sea lion, shark, etc.


Make a Good Catch and have a safe Voyage!


General Specifications of Main Unit
Power supply unit YC-200A@( DC type ) YC-200B-SS@( AC type )
Power source Nickel metal hydride battery NHB-2420(Use 3pcs. In parallel, 24VDC, 2000mAh )

100VAC}10% or 220VAC}10%@@@50/60Hz

Power output 100Ws or 200Ws (selectable by switch) 200Ws
Interval of flashing 0.8`3.5sec. (adjustable) *Set†2sec. at 200Ws, †1.5sec. at 100Ws for stable flashing 0.7`3.5sec. (adjustable) *Set†2sec. for stable flashing
Automatic flash off Flashing is stopped when internal temperature become 70Ž
Dimensions & weight 230(W)~650(H)‡o, 18kg (with battery) 230(W)~730(H)‡o, 17kg (with out 100m cable)
Flash head
Input power
Max. 200Ws
Nominal life
100,000 times of flashing
Socket for flash tube
US socket with trigger circuit
Flash tube
QH-3AC (with US base)
For YC-200A ( DC type) only
Battery charger ( 3 sets of battery charger NHC-2420 and battery stand in one cabinet)
Power source 100`120VAC or 200`240VAC, 50/60Hz Charging time about 1 hour for full charging 3 batteries at the same time
Dimensions & weight 359(W)~307(H)~261(D)‡o,@7.63kg (without batteries)
Continuous flashing time with fully charged battery
60 min. to 140 min. (at 1.5 sec. `3.5 sec. Interval) at 100Ws (Approx. 2400 times of flashing)
40 min. to 70 min. (at 2 sec. `3.5 sec. Interval) at 200Ws (Approx. 1200 times of flashing)
For YC-200B-SS ( AC type) only
Switch board
Power source 100`220VAC }10%, 50/60Hz Capacity of electric current is 10A (install a circuit breaker with leakage detection)
Auto power OFF Output power is automatically OFF at 30 min. after activation
Power supply cable 2sq -4C, 5m (between switch board and AC power source)
Dimensions & weight 364(W)~134(H)~297(D)‡o,@3.5kg
Remote controller (with 10m remote cable 1.25sq-4C, between switch board and controller)
Dimensions & weight 82(W)~60(H)~275(D)‡o, 0.6kg
Power supply cable for YC-200B main unit
Pre-fixed on the main unit 5.5sq-4C, PG cable 100m (available 150m cable on option)