Stainless Steel
Strength and Tenacity of our Tuna Hook has been proved

by 19 Tons of Inshore Tuna Fishing Vessels!

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Our company has been importing and distributing all kinds of fishing materials including tuna hooks made in Korea.

Our Tuna Hooks have been tested on 19 tons of Inshore tuna fishing vessels for six months from January 2000. As a result of the experiment, they were strongly endorsed, so we began importing and distributing them.

The value of fishing materials exported from Korea, Taiwan and China, etc. varies. However, the tuna hooks we deal with are very popular in the major fishery companies in Korea. The experiment using 19 tons of inshore tuna fishing vessels shows that they are more reliable than Japanese ones with their hfragmenth and gstretchh and we have made steady progress in selling them.

We mainly deal with tuna hooks for smaller boats, 2.8 esunf to 3.2 esunf size but up to 4.2 esunf is available. (eSunf is about 3 centimeters or 1 inch.)


Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products such as, snaps, various swivels, hooks for drawing nets, etc including the above illustration of the 8TYPE SWIVEL.